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Galardo Novello Limited Edition


CULTIVAR: Cerasuola – Nocellara del Belice – Biancolilla “First Press” on 9th of October

Data sheet

Production area:
400 s.l.m.
Harvest time:
9th of October
Collection Method:
cold pressed with continuous plant. Unfiltered process


500 ml dark green glass.
Limited edition of 100 bottles
intense green
Intense Fruity with notes of freshly cut grass and a high phenolic concentration
Full-bodied and enveloping, endowed with marked bitter and spicy notes. Galardo Novello is a freshly milled evoo that is perfect to satisfy the most demanding palates who love an extra virgin olive oil with a strong and decisive taste.
Galardo Novello contains a greater quantity of vegetable fibers, therefore a greater quantity of polyphenols much more than the classic extra virgin olive oils. Polyphenols are antioxidant substances that are beneficial for our health.
Processing and Bottling:
the first olives of the season are harvested on the 9thof October, transported in the 6 hours following the mill and pressed immediately. The unfiltered oil is bottled within 48 hours to keep all its best organoleptic qualities intact.
Bruschetta with Novello evoo is perfect for tasting its strong essence and aroma. It is also particularly suitable for enriching the taste of both white and red raw meats and intensely flavoring Autumn and Winter dishes with strong notes.

Energy values

Average nutritional values per: 100g
Energy values: 917 KCal
Total fats: 93,71g
Saturated fats: 8,31g
Polyunsaturated fats: 76,5g
Polyunsatured fats: 8,9g
Cholesterol: 0g
Carbohyfrates: 0g
Protein: 0g
Vitamin E: 18,5g
Sodio: 0mg


all phases of organic production are controlled and certified in compliance with EC Reg. 834/2007 and Reg. CE 889/2008, the company follows the USDA - NOP standards applied in the USA, CCPB verifying body of Bologna.


A quality extra virgin olive oil is also characterized by the high concentration of polyphenols, antioxidant substances, to which we owe the ability to resist oxidation: the more polyphenols are present in the oil, the longer it will remain intact. The oil should be kept away from light and heat sources: the dark green color of the bottle that we have chosen serves to avoid its deterioration in the aroma and taste. Once you open the bottle and use the oil you need, remember to always close it tightly because the oxygen would alter it in its qualities. The stainless steel of the tin has many advantages including, in addition to not let the sun's rays pass through, a greater resistance during the transport.

The oil should be stored in preferably cool places at a temperature that does not exceed 15 degrees Celsius.

Galardo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Galardo Novello Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of three varieties of olives typical of our territory: Nocellara, Biancolilla and Cerasuola, whose characteristics are enhanced by the early pressing.

The olives grow exclusively in the Roccamena (PA) olive grove and are harvested and processed together, creating an intense fruity oil with a strong aroma. This Organic Evoo is versatile both in the kitchen and raw.

Nocellara del Belice

Nocellara del Belice is reputed a precious olive, has a high productivity and gives intensity to our oil. It is a dual-purpose olive, grown both for oil and for the table.


Biancolilla finds its habitat in Sicily, not being very widespread in the rest of Italy. Its name derives from the color that distinguishes it in the first phase of fruiting (light green, almost white) and then becomes an intense purplish red at the end of maturation: Biancolilla gives a pleasant aftertaste of almond and ripe tomato to our oil.


Cerasuola is rich in beta-carotene, unsaturated fats and tocopherols that perform an effective action against cholesterol in the blood, as well as antioxidant: it gives the yellow-green reflections to our oil and influences its medium fruity, as well as giving a pleasant rosemary aroma.

The olive grove

The Roccamena olive grove

Area: Roccamena in Province of Palermo and few km from Corleone, in a hilly terrain

Soil: rich, porous, sandy, very aerated

Olives varieties: Nocellara, Biancolilla, Cerasuola

Training system: the trees are characterized by the typical “umbrella” shape which is obtained through the annual pruning carried out in the period of February. The pruning facilitates beyond the harvesting operations, also the penetration of sunlight inside the plant and an adequate maturation of the fruit.

Exposure: East with moderate excursions between day and night

Altitude: 400 meters above sea level

Distance from the sea: 60 km

Type of plant: non-intensive to allow greater vigor of the plants and the maximum amount of radiant energy without reciprocal shadowing between adjacent plants

Thermal band: mild and rainy winters with temperatures rarely falling below zero, dry summers with high temperatures. Rainfall above 400 mm.

Cultivation operations: grubbing-up the roots of arboreal plants at the base of the tree, placement of organic solutions every 3-4 trees against the olive fly in April-May

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