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CULTIVAR: Cerasuola – Nocellara del Belice – Biancolilla “First Press” on 9th of October

Data sheet

Production area:
400 s.l.m.
Harvest time:
half october to half november
Collection Method:
cold pressed with continuous plant. Unfiltered process


100 ml glass.
intense green
Intense Fruity with notes of freshly cut grass and a high phenolic concentration
Full-bodied and enveloping, endowed with marked bitter and spicy notes. Galardo Novello is a freshly milled evoo that is perfect to satisfy the most demanding palates who love an extra virgin olive oil with a strong and decisive taste.
Galardo Novello contains a greater quantity of vegetable fibers, therefore a greater quantity of polyphenols much more than the classic extra virgin olive oils. Polyphenols are antioxidant substances that are beneficial for our health.
Bruschetta with Novello evoo is perfect for tasting its strong essence and aroma. It is also particularly suitable for enriching the taste of both white and red raw meats and intensely flavoring Autumn and Winter dishes with strong notes.

Energy values

Average nutritional values per: 100g
Energy values: 917 KCal
Total fats: 93,71g
Saturated fats: 8,31g
Polyunsaturated fats: 76,5g
Polyunsatured fats: 8,9g
Cholesterol: 0g
Carbohyfrates: 0g
Protein: 0g
Vitamin E: 18,5g
Sodio: 0mg


all phases of organic production are controlled and certified in compliance with EC Reg. 834/2007 and Reg. CE 889/2008, the company follows the USDA - NOP standards applied in the USA, CCPB verifying body of Bologna.


A quality extra virgin olive oil is also characterized by the high concentration of polyphenols, antioxidant substances, to which we owe the ability to resist oxidation: the more polyphenols are present in the oil, the longer it will remain intact. The oil should be kept away from light and heat sources: the dark green color of the bottle that we have chosen serves to avoid its deterioration in the aroma and taste. Once you open the bottle and use the oil you need, remember to always close it tightly because the oxygen would alter it in its qualities. The stainless steel of the tin has many advantages including, in addition to not let the sun's rays pass through, a greater resistance during the transport.

The oil should be stored in preferably cool places at a temperature that does not exceed 15 degrees Celsius.

Organic oil production cycle


The harvest is strictly hand-made during the period of veraison, that is when the olives change their color: in fact, we harvest between mid-October and mid-November, in order to guarantee the greatest stability and quality of the oil.

Our olives are picked by hand to avoid injury and therefore fermentation of the fruit during harvesting: all this allows us to maintain low levels of acidity in the oil as well as preserving the aroma, taste and natural organoleptic properties.

The olives are then placed and stored in perforated and well-ventilated boxes and transported to the mill in the shortest possible time.


The olives are processed with a cold extraction system through modern milling plants made entirely of stainless steel. Thus, after removing residual branches and leaves, the olives are promptly washed with fresh water.

The crusher uses revolving wheels fitted with hammers that allow you to crush the pulp of olives. The oily paste is automatically transferred into stainless steel tanks, the kneading machine: in this phase the oily pasta obtained is stirred slowly and continuously in order to split the oil from the water contained in the fruit.

The temperature of the olive paste should not exceed 27 ° C at this stage and it is for this reason that, also through the use of the most modern technologies, we are able to monitor it precisely and for the whole duration of the kneading: the cold extraction in fact allows us to obtain the most out of our olives, both organoleptic and sensory, in addition to a greater concentration of precious polyphenols.

The oil is further separated from the water by the centrifuge.


The oil thus obtained is stored in the special stainless steel containers, in cool and ventilated spaces, where undergoes a process of natural decantation.

During bottling we strictly supervise every bottle and every single tin: labels, caps, capsules and boxes are individually checked to guarantee the quality in every aspect. During the year the oil is stored in tanks under nitrogen and in a controlled-temperature warehouse at a temperature of 18 ° C. In fact, nitrogen allows us to counteract the oxidation of the oil during storage and therefore to maintain integrates its typical characteristics.

Our extra virgin olive oil is certified Organic: this means that in addition to the relevant certifications and annual checks by the competent Authorities, we must and want to follow a series of strict parameters both during processing and cultivation: we exclude any type of pesticide or fertilizers both in the production cycle and in the field.

The only way to protect and preserve our olives from the attacks of the fly is completely natural and respectful of the surrounding environment.

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