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Our farm consists of 110 hectares in totalt that are divided into:

  • Vineyard: 13 hectares ( Nero D Avola, Syrah e Chardonnay)
  • Olive grove: circa 7 hectares
  • Arable: 81 hectares in rotation wheat, sulla, chickpeas, cicerchia
  • the remaining hectares are dedicated to our farmhouse

Animals: chickens and a dog.

Structures and buildings: 3 warehouses of Arab origin, an old barn converted into an apartment, a reception room for our guests of about 200 square meters where we hold tastings and events, 3 apartments that can host 10 people and each of them hav a private kitchen and private bathroom.

A Small farmer's museum with Sicilian cart.

Exhibition of historical photos.

Guided tour among the medicinal plants and our olive groove.

The staff

Orsola Provenzano

Orsola Provenzano, the land in first place. The tireless cosmopolitan entrepreneur with a Sicilian heart

Orsola, the Company's Export Manager, represents Galardo both in Italy and abroad. Among the first oil Sommeliers in Sicily, she earned a master's degree in "Wine Management" with a particular focus on Sicilian oils at the University of Palermo. Former councilor of "ANGA" (National Association of Young Farmers) and administrator of Galardo, Orsola takes all the decisions regarding the production cycle of the oil, from the harvest to the milling up to the bottling. She monitors the state of health and maturation of the olives, coordinates her team during the harvest, compares if necessary her right-hand man Giuseppe Senior. She loves welcoming enthusiastic visitors from all over the world into the Farm in a continuous exchange of different cultures and traditions. Orsola supervises every single national and international shipment.

Giuseppe Marsala

The wise man with contagious laughter and big hands

He represents a pillar of Galardo and as a son of Cristoforo, the old and faithful collaborator of Nonno Nunu ’, Giuseppe Marsala inherited the same strong spirit of his father: Giuseppe knows our land perfectly, he deals with the preparation and plowing of the soil before sowing,

coordinates the harvesting works and the transport of the olives to the mill

as well as wheat, sulla and legumes to the cooperatives.

He oversees the maintenance of agricultural machinery, threshing, as well as ensuring the daily order in the our farm! We could use three "P" to describe him ... Purposeful, Precursor, Ready!

Giuseppe Di Giorgio

Raised among the vineyards, he is an expert farmer and pruner. Two meters of agility and authenticity!

Giuseppe Di Giorgio supervises every aspect of the farm on a daily basis, from logistics to the aesthetic side.

Galardo's young collaborator, he carries out most of his work in our vineyard, he also takes care of the annual pruning of our olive trees and carries out all the tractoring, plowing and sowing of our land together with Giuseppe Marsala..


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We want to tell you about Galardo as a place where time seems to have stopped, where each generation has wisely developed new practical and productive perspectives, respecting tradition, along the road to agricultural evolution.

Today the bridge is a true symbol of our history, of the history of our ancestors and of our posterity after us: a bridge to the future but also a bridge linking two territories and two distinct cultures, Trapani and Corleone.

Predominant is and remains a profile of women that recalls the somatic traits of Orsola and the homonymous granddaughter who today carries on the work begun by her grandmother in the early 1900s.


Galardo, a journey through the origins

The name "Galardo" seems to derive from "Al Galid", attributed by the well-known Arab geographer named Idrisi who, on commission from King Roger II of Sicily, settled in Palermo in 1145 and created a collection of maps that became famous throughout the world. The long journey in the South led Idrisi to discover a group of a few houses around a main courtyard, "Al Galid": a place immersed in uncontaminated nature, an almost surreal peace, a place that still today many of you love to consider "Out of time and space".

Galardo, when it was discovered by Idrisi, had that structure that we Sicilians love to call "Baglio", a type of architecture that is common in many parts of our island and that recalls the typical medieval fiefdoms. in all likelihood, in those buildings the Norman Arabs lived with simplicity, they kept the fruits of their crops seasonally, they lived the rural everyday life.


Galardo in the Middle Ages

Galardo, over the centuries, becomes a Monastery and was managed by the wise nuns of the Curia of the S.S. Salvatore di Corleone, between the mid-400s and the mid-1800s. It was astonishing to find some documents in which the nuns noted year after year and in great detail the profits deriving from every land, almost as if they were modern accountants and accountants! After the suppression, however, of 117 Monasteries in Southern Italy some years after the landing of Garibaldi in Sicily, in 1860, the Feud "Galardo" was also redistributed. Thus a new era began, the era of the Provenzano family.


From Monastery to Agricultural Company

Our history is like a time-travel, a journey of  hard work but also of union, sharing and above all a lot of dedication.

The Galardo fiefdom was purchased by our great-great-grandfather Sebastiano Provenzano in 1872, who bequeathed to his Grandson Nunu 'a farm and some land mainly cultivated with wheat.

It was Nunu ’to undertake the first major restructuring of Galardo: he was a visionary already then, he transformed that Arab-Norman ruin into a competitive company, always respecting its original architecture.

Nunu ', diminutive of Sebastiano (name inherited from his grandfather) was able to diversify production, hire personnel, expand beyond the initial boundaries of the company by acquiring more land in the Province of Roccamena, becoming a leading figure throughout in the whole area of Corleone: the " Cavaliere Provenzano ", he was soon called the "Cavaliere Provenzano" as a sign of respect from Palermo and Corleone


an all-female oil for four generations

The production of olive oil in Galardo dates back to the early 1900s, a period in which our grandmother Paola, who later became Nunu's mother-in-law, began to develop a passion for the cultivation of olive trees inherited from her father in Baglio Nuovo, in the Trapani area.

After Paola, it was the turn of her daughter Orsola Briuccia who soon became Nunu '' s beloved wife: she was a discreet, elegant Woman, endowed with a singular grace, strong and determined at the same time, so much "modern" in her beliefs that she decides to carry on the precious work started by her mother.


Orsola and Nunu ': a sincere Love, an ancient "bridge" to the future

It was 1940 and in Sicily, both for convictions and social uses, and for cultural heritage, women were entrusted only with housework: they were not suited to being in the fields with men. Nonna Orsola begins to subvert these ancestral convictions, getting involved as a "farmer" before and "entrepreneur" of her olive-growing heritage later.

Orsola wasn’t alone: ​​in fact, she married Nunu ’with whom she had 5 wonderful children, together they share a passion for agriculture, they complement each other like a perfect puzzle.

A love story that brings them to unite forever in life and work, concentrating their energies and their legacies to achieve a unique agricultural project: Galardo. Orsola brings in fact her lands in the area of Trapani(Baglio Nuovo), Nunu’ those in the area of Corleone(Roccamena), opening up new horizons for progress.

we have chosen to identify their union geographically and symbolically in a bridge that actually exists and has Arab origins, the “Ponte Calatrasi”, halfway between Roccamena and the Province of Trapani. However, a woman's profile is predominant and recalls the physical features of Orsola and her eponymous grand-daughter who has chosen to carry on a 2 centuries long tradition. This profile, this brand celebrates not only the beauty, nobility of soul, elegance and grace of all the young women farmers of today and yesterday, but also a new way of living and looking at agriculture, a gentle way typical of all women.


Two centuries, three women, four generations: Galardo is a life mission

Today Galardo represents a Farm of 110 hectares planted with wheat, legumes, sulla, cicerchia as well as our precious olive groves and a vineyard that every year gives us excellent productions of Grillo and Zibibbo.

Recently Galardo has evolved even more thanks to the work of Orsola Provenzano, granddaughter of Orsola Briuccia, and her father who has been a mentor for her for many years as regards agricultural techniques. Orsola leads the company to be recognized for the first time at the international level: thanks to her great love for agriculture since she was a child, she left for America first and then around Europe and, proud of her origins and her family history, started trading in oil.

Orsola thus leaves her job as a lawyer, leaves Milan after a degree from the Catholic University, deepens her studies in the agricultural-entrepreneurial sector at the University of Palermo, becomes one of the first olive oil sommeliers in Sicily and then moves to her company. She loves comparing her farm to a jewel to preserve with care.


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