Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We have been producing extra virgin organic olive oil for 4 generations and we have always combined tradition and innovation in the utmost respect for the environment: we fertilize the soil organically, we prune our plants naturally, we produce green energy and avoid water exploitation, in respect of our healthy values.


In the hilly terrain of Galardo we diversify our production, maintaining the typical agricultural tradition of Roccamena and Corleone, as well as on, chickpeas, cicerchia and sulla.

Crop rotation allows the land to replace its minerals

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Galardo is a company that has been representing a reality in the production of extra virgin olive oil for 4 generations. Among the varieties of olives typical of our territory we find: Nocellara del Belice, a precious olive with high productivity, Biancolilla with its almond and tomato aftertaste, and Cerasuola, fruity with vegetal notes and a high concentration of polyphenols

Sayings of us

Alessandro Medici

Barboursville Vineyard, Virginia

Restaurant Manager/Sommelier

"Ho avuto il piacere di assaggiare l'olio biologico “Galardo Blend” nei primi giorni in cui e' arrivato in America per la prima volta anni fa. Resto un cliente affezionato. Potrei definirlo con sentori di carciofo, foglia di pomodoro e note vegetali. Al palato, frutta esotica, banana, mandorla. Speziato con percezioni di pepe nero sul finire. Lo descrivere come un olio dal fruttato medio e sicuramente equilibrato."

Gabriele Rausse

Virginia - Stati Uniti D'America

Il Padre della Viticoltura in Virginia” e Direttore del “Gardens and Grounds” a Monticello. Gabriele Rausse è stato consulente di 40 vigneti e 10 cantine negli Stati Uniti, compresa la sua

“Ho un bellissimo ricordo della Sicilia che ho visitato soltanto due volte. Non ho girato tutto il mondo ma a questo punto la Sicilia e’ il posto piu’ bello che ho visto. Per me e’ importante ricordare le cose belle e un giorno e’ apparso in Virginia l’olio di oliva Galardo. E’ stata una bellissima sorpresa perche’ adesso penso alla Sicilia due volte al giorno. E’ un olio perfetto con un magnifico profumo ed ogni volta che vado in un ristorante  e chiedo dell’olio di oliva mi rammarico di non essermi portato una bottiglietta di Galardo. Quello che mi piace di piu’ dell’olio Galardo e’ il retrogusto di mandorla, mi piace anche il fatto che e’ leggermente piccante. Sono arrivato al punto che non posso piu’ stare senza l’olio Galardo.”

Maria Concetta Raimondo

Campobasso, Molise – Italia

Enologo presso Tenimenti Grieco

"Nasce dal sole di Sicilia, un olio verde come le colline da cui proviene, dal profumo intenso e vegetale. Ricco di polifenoli, equilibrato al gusto, che prende il carattere tenace e deciso della bella produttrice!"

Kori Dyer

Brooklyn, New York – United States of America

co-Founder of “Dearest Creative”, an independent, visually-driven creative studio devoted to delivering soulful solutions through brand identity design and content creation.

"Galardo Olive Oil is truly a gift to your palette. My husband and I not only cook meals with it every day but use it for dipping, salad dressing and even as a marinade. We visited the estate last year and felt like we were on a different planet. Living in NYC for the past 10 years, we had never experienced the level of clean, fresh air and earthly views that Galardo offers every day. Their little slice of heaven leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and grateful. Orsola, the owner and a now dear friend, lives and breathes all things Galardo. It being a family business on historical land, the brand not only feels special but also nostalgic. The food you make with Galardo warms the soul and takes you away from the stress of your day. It reminds us that family comes first and that time together is priceless."

Jurij Marco Valle

Genova, Liguria - Italia

Responsabile Commerciale presso Gualini S.P.A.

"L’olio al pari del vino deriva dalle radici della terra e come tale con se porta ovunque i profumi e i sapori tipici della sua regione di provenienza. L’olio Galardo è in grado di tramandare e trasmettere non solo i profumi e i sapori, ma anche i ricordi di luoghi lontani e a mio avviso estremamente autentici. L’olio Galardo, spremuto a freddo dalle olive della tenuta, contiene l’essenza delle tradizioni secolari come gli ulivi di quest’azienda Siciliana con grande personalità."

Paula Cangialosi

New York -United States of America

Committee Member of “A Chance in Life”

"Galardo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is superb.  I use it every day - drizzled on vegetables, salads, soups, pastas - everything is enhanced by it's fragrant aroma and crisp taste.  The soul of Sicily is in its goodness."

Natasha Toet

Amsterdam Oud-West, North Holland Province, Netherlands

Senior PMO bij GVB and Board Member Jong GVB

"Three years ago we made a romantic tour of Sicily. We soon became charmed by the authentic atmosphere, the robust landscape and the Sicilian cuisine.
Near the village of Corleone we stayed a few days at Orsola. A true Sicilian "business woman" with a rich family history. Her great-grandmother did not care about the prejudices of the Sicilian men and, as the first businesswoman in Sicily, started her own production of organic olive oil. After a long struggle, the product exists as 4 generations with the strong Orsola at the helm.
A hundred-year-old olive grove surrounds her country house. She combines traditional life with modern techniques of today. The olives are harvested by hand, cold-pressed and no chemical or genetically modified components are used. For example, she hangs sardines in the tree to keep the mosquitoes away from her precious olives. And these are not just olives ...
Orsola strives to improve the production of olive oil with respect for the environment and committed to organic farming methods. The olive oil also has a label and meets the EU rules for organic farming.
Her way of working and the end product left a great impression on us."

Margaret Hood Rose

Laurel, New York – United States of America

University of Buffalo

"Galardo olive oil is one of the smoothest olive oils I have ever tasted.
I live in wine country on eastern Long Island, NY. I worked in tasting rooms for 7 years, during that time we did staff tastings, both blind and knowing the labels. Wine has to hit various sections of the mouth ( pallet) for flavors. The same would apply for olive oil tastings.
I first discovered Galardo olive oil at a wine pairing at Gabriele Rausse Vineyard, VA.
The first wine was paired with artisan bread and Galardo olive oil for dipping. Galardo olive oil is so rich, smooth & full bodied with a peppery finish. One of the best olive oils I have ever tasted.
I use it at home to make salad dressing, directly on greens and for dipping. I want to enjoy that wonderful taste every time I use it.
I asked at the vineyard for the name of the olive oil, they told me it was Galardo from Sicily. Coincidentally, I was traveling to Sicily the following September. I contacted Galardo and connected with Orsola.
My friends and I visited Galardo Estate and olive grove, met Orsola and had a wonderful tour and lunch with wine and lots of olive oil.
Highlight of our trip to Sicily!"

Dolly Feldman

Virginia – United States of America

Writer for a global clinical research organization; volunteered as an English as a Second Language (ESL) literacy tutor; currently she tutors foreign students who are coming to the United States to go to university.

"Galardo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential ingredient in my kitchen because it’s so versatile. In addition to using it for stove-top cooking, I use it for baking meats and desserts, making salad dressings, and dipping sauces. Best of all, it is a light oil and very flavorful."

Tullia Lynch

Virginia - United State of America

President of “Live Laugh Love Italy” that creates personal and unique itineraries for small groups of people that combine cultural touring & direct hands-on experience.

“I love the look and the smell of Orsola’s oil.
I love the slight burn and tingle at the back of my throat that comes from tasting it straight.  It tells me that the oil is alive and active and all those rich polyphenols are doing my body good. But most importantly,  I love the connection with the earth - that corner of soil in Sicily close to Corleone -  that goes back many generations in Orsola’s family and  was known long ago even by the Saracens.
It has a personal feel for me of family and tradition and dedication to quality”

The masseria

Galardo is located in the middle of the vast valleys planted with wheat and sulla, typical Corleone and Roccamena and is characterized by the boundless view that can be seen as soon as you arrive. In fact, in addition to a breathtaking view of our centuries-old olive groves, you will also enjoy a regenerating peace and silence interrupted only by the singing of birds and hawks in the area.

Moreover one of the most beautiful gifts that nature has been able to offer us is also an almost surreal starry sky, a magical sky under which we like to lie down and observe the many celestial constellations.

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